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Employment law covers an extensive range of employer-employee relations that controls how employers must treat employees and consists of thousands of federal and state laws, administrative regulations, and judicial decisions. Minimum wage regulations, insurance, child labor, workspace safety, and sexual harassment are only a few of the many areas of law comprised within Yolo County employment law.

The following are explanations of select subjects included in Yolo County employment law:

(Covered in Employment Law)
Occurs in two different scenarios: the first is where an employer subjects an employee in his/her work environment to unwelcome verbal or physical sexual behavior, or other abusive behavior directed disproportionately against women, that is either severe or pervasive. This is known as Hostile-work environment sexual harassment.

The other scenario occurs when an employee is required to submit to unwelcome sexual conduct as a condition of his or her job, or in order to gain some job benefit. This is known as Quid pro quo sexual harassment.

(Covered in Employment Law)
The main statute protecting the health and safety of workers in the workplace is the Occupational and Safety Health Act (OSHA). Congress enacted this legislation under its Constitutional grant of authority to regulate interstate commerce. OSHA requires the Secretary of Labor to promulgate regulations and safety and health standards to protect employees and their families. Every private employer who engages in interstate commerce is subject to the regulations promulgated under OSHA.

Under OSHA states are not allowed, without permission of the Secretary of Labor, to promulgate any laws that regulate an area directly covered by OSHA regulations. They may, however, regulate in areas not governed by federal OSHA regulations. If they wish to regulate areas covered by OSHA regulations they must submit a plan for federal approval. The amount of state regulation varies greatly. California is an example of a state that has chosen to adopt many of its own regulations in place of those promulgated under OSHA.

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